This Week’s “Bests”: 21/05/2017

It is the end of the long weekend. Here are a few things to help you get back into your week!

Best Post:

Teres Major Release‼️ — The Teres Major is closely related to what's commonly referred to as the posterior capsule of the shoulder. When this grouping of tissue is tight or restricted it can limit internal rotation of the shoulder. This is a very common problem spot and most people can get immediate increases in motion from releasing it. . The two populations I use this drill most with are those who have tight internal rotation or anterior shoulder pain, and then those with parascapular pain or shoulder blade/upper back area pain. Scapular pain treatment often times involves mobilizing tissue from multiple areas, as the scapula has 17 muscular attachments. . Lastly, this kind of soft tissue work is commonplace for overhead athletes and would be great in an "arm care" routine for a baseball player, tennis player, or swimmer. . . When doing this yourself, the key is to find ways to expose different tissue and figure out what area needs the most work. I suggest starting with your knees bent so that you can be nimble and move up, down, and around to find the right spot. . . 🎵 Lil Uzi Vert – XO Tour Llif3 🎵 . . . . #plank #core #abs #StrengthCoachTherapy #stability #exercise #abcheck #sixpack #6pack #sixpackabs #6packabs #coreworkouts #fixbackpain #physio #lowbackpain #squat #backpain #dpt #dptstudent #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #pilates #stabilityball #stretch #yoga #spine #coreworkout #shredz #gainz #leanmusclemass

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Best Exercise:

Tim D is a goldmine of information. Follow him!

Best Makes You Think:

Best Approach?:

Best Juice:

An interesting look into the San Antonio Spurs and their diet.

Best Way To Learn?:


Have a great week!


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